Program Overview

STEM Sisters Club is a dynamic and interactive program aimed at encouraging young girls across Africa to explore and pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. The club seeks to promote gender diversity and inclusivity in STEM by providing a supportive and engaging environment for girls to discover their passion for science and technology, build essential skills, and connect with like-minded peers and mentors.


  1. Inspire and empower young girls to develop an interest in STEM disciplines and explore various career paths.
  2. Break gender stereotypes and challenge societal barriers that hinder girls’ participation in STEM fields.
  3. Enhance girls’ confidence, problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, and creativity through hands-on STEM activities.
  4. Facilitate access to mentorship and role models in STEM, offering guidance and support for career development.
  5. Cultivate a network of STEM Sisters who support and uplift each other in their STEM journeys.

Program Components:

 Regular workshops and interactive sessions focusing on different STEM disciplines, where girls can participate in exciting experiments, demonstrations, and activities.

  1.  Inviting female professionals from diverse STEM backgrounds to share their experiences, career journeys, and success stories with the girls.

 Engaging participants in hands-on STEM projects, encouraging teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity.

  1.  Pairing club members with experienced female mentors in STEM fields to provide guidance, advice, and support in their educational and career pursuits.

 Organizing visits to STEM-related industries, research centers, and universities, giving girls exposure to real-world STEM applications.

  1.  Hosting tech talks and webinars on cutting-edge topics in science and technology, offering insights into the latest developments and innovations.

 Encouraging club members to participate in STEM competitions and challenges, promoting healthy competition and recognition for their achievements.

 Organizing an annual conference bringing together girls, educators, professionals, and experts to discuss challenges and opportunities in STEM fields.

 Establishing a virtual platform where club members can interact, share ideas, and collaborate on STEM projects outside of regular meetings.

Program Impact:

The STEM Sisters Club aims to have a profound impact on the participants by instilling a passion for STEM, nurturing their confidence, and equipping them with valuable skills for future academic and career success. By promoting gender diversity in STEM, the club strives to contribute to a more inclusive and innovative society.

Target Audience:

The STEM Sisters Club is open to girls aged 10 to 16 years who show an interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, irrespective of their prior experience or academic background in these fields.

Program Delivery:

The STEM Sisters Club meets regularly, either monthly or bi-weekly, in community centers, schools, or partner organizations’ facilities across Africa. The program may also include virtual components to reach girls from diverse regions.

Through the STEM Sisters Club, GEAM AFRIKA seeks to foster a new generation of confident, curious, and skilled female leaders who will contribute significantly to Africa’s progress in science and technology.