SpeakUP Street Campaign: Empowering Voices, Creating Safe Spaces

The SpeakUP Street Campaign is a powerful monthly advocacy initiative by GEAM AFRIKA aimed at empowering individuals to speak up against harassment and promote safer environments for all. Through interactive street campaigns, public engagement, and community mobilization, the campaign encourages bystanders, witnesses, and victims to take a stand against harassment and work collectively to foster a culture of respect and gender equality.

Campaign Objectives:

  1. Raise awareness about different forms of harassment and their impact on individuals and communities.
  2. Encourage individuals to actively intervene and speak up when witnessing or experiencing harassment.
  3. Empower survivors to share their stories and access support services for healing and justice.
  4. Foster a sense of solidarity among community members to combat harassment collectively.
  5. Advocate for policies and measures that address and prevent harassment in public spaces.

Campaign Components:

  1. Street Activations: Organizing eye-catching and engaging street activations with informational booths, interactive displays, and performances to draw public attention to the campaign’s message.
  2. Workshops and Training: Conducting workshops and training sessions for community members on bystander intervention, conflict resolution, and building safe and inclusive public spaces.
  3. Public Awareness Art Installations: Installing art displays and murals in public spaces to convey powerful messages against harassment and promote gender equality.
  4. Survivor Storytelling Sessions: Providing safe spaces for survivors to share their experiences, break the silence, and advocate for change.
  5. Community Dialogues: Organizing community dialogues, town hall meetings, and panel discussions to facilitate open conversations about harassment and strategies to address it effectively.
  6. Social Media Campaign: Leveraging social media platforms to amplify campaign messages, encourage participation, and foster a wider online community of advocates.
  7. Partnerships with Law Enforcement: Collaborating with law enforcement agencies to ensure effective response and support for survivors of harassment.

Campaign Impact: The SpeakUP Street Campaign aims to create a ripple effect by empowering individuals to challenge harassment, promote respect, and foster safer public spaces. The campaign’s impact will be measured through increased reporting of harassment incidents, positive changes in attitudes and behaviors, and the implementation of policy measures to combat harassment.

Budget: ₦4,500,000


Cost (₦)

Street Activations and Materials


Workshop and Training Expenses


Public Awareness Art Installations


Survivor Storytelling Sessions


Community Dialogues


Social Media Campaign


Publicity and Marketing


Miscellaneous Expenses






Campaign Delivery: The SpeakUP Street Campaign will be held monthly at various locations in target communities across Africa. GEAM AFRIKA will collaborate with local partners, community organizations, and volunteers to ensure the campaign’s success and sustainability.

Through the SpeakUP Street Campaign, GEAM AFRIKA seeks to empower individuals to raise their voices against harassment, create safe spaces, and contribute to a more inclusive and respectful society for everyone.