Program Overview

Safe Haven Initiative is a monthly program designed to provide safe spaces and comprehensive support services for survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) across Africa. The initiative aims to create a network of secure and supportive environments where survivors can access assistance, healing, and empowerment. Through a multi-faceted approach, the program addresses the immediate needs of survivors while also working towards preventing future instances of GBV.


  1. Provide safe and confidential spaces for survivors to share their experiences and seek support without judgment or fear.
  2. Offer comprehensive support services, including counseling, legal aid, medical assistance, and referrals to partner organizations.
  3. Empower survivors with the tools and resources needed to rebuild their lives and regain control after experiencing GBV.
  4. Raise awareness about GBV, challenge harmful gender norms, and advocate for a violence-free society.
  5. Collaborate with local authorities and organizations to strengthen GBV prevention and response efforts.

Program Components:

 Establishing safe spaces, such as shelters and community centers, where survivors can seek refuge, access support services, and connect with other survivors.

 Providing professional counseling and therapy services to help survivors cope with trauma, build resilience, and heal emotionally and psychologically.

 Offering legal aid and assistance to survivors seeking justice and protection against their perpetrators.

 Partnering with healthcare providers to offer medical support and treatment for physical injuries resulting from GBV.

 Empowering survivors with skills training and vocational programs to enhance their economic independence and self-sufficiency.

 Facilitating support groups where survivors can share experiences, exchange knowledge, and offer mutual encouragement.

 Conducting awareness campaigns to educate communities about GBV, its impact, and ways to prevent and respond to violence.

 Providing training for social workers, healthcare professionals, and law enforcement personnel to ensure effective and compassionate response to survivors.

 Partnering with law enforcement agencies to strengthen the implementation of GBV laws and ensure survivors receive the protection they need.

Program Impact:

The Safe Haven Initiative aims to create a significant impact on the lives of survivors of GBV, helping them recover from trauma, rebuild their lives, and regain their agency. The program also contributes to reducing the prevalence of GBV through awareness and prevention efforts.

Target Audience:

The Safe Haven Initiative primarily targets survivors of gender-based violence, including women, girls, and individuals of all genders who have experienced violence.

Program Delivery:

Safe Haven Initiative is delivered through a network of safe spaces, community centers, and partner organizations across Africa. The program’s availability is consistent on a monthly basis to ensure ongoing support and assistance for survivors.

Through the Safe Haven Initiative, GEAM AFRIKA demonstrates its commitment to supporting survivors, advocating for gender equality, and working towards a society free from gender-based violence.