PadUP School Support Campaign: Breaking Taboos, Empowering Girls

The PadUP School Support Campaign is a vital monthly initiative by GEAM AFRIKA aimed at creating awareness and promoting menstrual hygiene and health among girls in schools across Africa. The campaign seeks to break taboos surrounding menstruation, provide access to menstrual hygiene products, and empower girls to manage their periods with dignity and confidence, ensuring they stay in school and achieve their full potential.

Campaign Objectives:

  1. Raise awareness about menstrual hygiene management, breaking stigmas and cultural taboos related to menstruation.
  2. Provide free menstrual hygiene products and support to girls in schools, reducing barriers to education caused by menstruation.
  3. Educate girls on menstrual health and safe practices, enhancing their understanding of their bodies and promoting self-confidence.
  4. Advocate for gender-sensitive policies that ensure access to menstrual hygiene facilities and products in educational institutions.
  5. Engage with communities to promote supportive and inclusive environments for girls during their menstrual cycle.

Campaign Components:

  1. School Workshops: Conducting interactive workshops in schools to educate girls about menstrual health, hygiene practices, and debunking myths and taboos.
  2. Distribution of Menstrual Hygiene Products: Providing free menstrual hygiene products, such as sanitary pads and menstrual cups, to girls in schools.
  3. Hygiene Facilities Improvement: Advocating for improved and gender-sensitive hygiene facilities in schools, including clean and safe toilets, handwashing stations, and waste disposal systems.
  4. Parent and Community Engagement: Engaging parents and community members in dialogue to promote supportive attitudes and practices towards menstruating girls.
  5. Health Talks and Training: Organizing health talks and training sessions for teachers and school staff to create a supportive environment for girls during their periods.
  6. School Menstrual Health Clubs: Establishing menstrual health clubs in schools to provide peer support and encourage open conversations on menstruation.
  7. Public Awareness Campaigns: Launching public awareness campaigns to challenge stigmas and promote open discussions about menstrual health.

Campaign Impact: The PadUP School Support Campaign aims to empower girls with the knowledge and resources they need to manage their periods confidently. By breaking taboos and providing menstrual hygiene support, the campaign contributes to improved school attendance, enhanced self-esteem, and reduced dropouts among menstruating girls.

Budget: ₦5,000,000


Cost (₦)

School Workshops


Distribution of Menstrual Hygiene Products


Hygiene Facilities Improvement


Parent and Community Engagement


Health Talks and Training


School Menstrual Health Clubs


Public Awareness Campaigns


Publicity and Marketing


Miscellaneous Expenses






Campaign Delivery: The PadUP School Support Campaign will be implemented in collaboration with schools, local health authorities, and community partners. It will be held monthly in different schools, ensuring widespread impact and sustained menstrual health support for girls across Africa.

Through the PadUP School Support Campaign, GEAM AFRIKA aims to create an environment where girls can confidently manage their periods, stay in school, and realize their full potential, contributing to a more gender-equal and inclusive society.