• Goal: Advocate for the development and implementation of genderinclusive laws and policies at the regional and national levels.
• Objectives: Conduct policy research, engage with policymakers, and
collaborate with governments and international organizations to
influence policy changes.

• Goal: Increase awareness and understanding of gender equality
issues among the public.
• Objectives: Develop educational campaigns, workshops, and
training programs targeting schools, communities, and institutions.

• Goal: Empower women and girls with knowledge, skills, and resources
to overcome gender-related challenges.
• Objectives: Implement vocational training, leadership development
programs, and entrepreneurship initiatives.

• Goal: Eliminate gender-based violence and support survivors.
• Objectives: Establish safe spaces, provide counseling and legal
support, and advocate for stronger laws against gender-based

• Goal: Increase the representation of women in decision-making
• Objectives: Encourage women’s participation in politics, provide
training for aspiring female leaders, and support female candidates.