Program Overview

 EmpowHERment Forum is a monthly series of empowering forums and workshops designed to inspire and uplift women across Africa, fostering an environment of growth, leadership, and self-discovery. Through interactive sessions and engaging discussions, the program aims to equip women with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to take charge of their lives and careers, while breaking through barriers that hinder their progress.


Program Objectives:

  1. Empower women with knowledge and resources to enhance their personal and professional development.
  2. Inspire women to embrace leadership roles and become change-makers in their communities.
  3. Foster a supportive network of women across Africa, promoting collaboration and mentorship.
  4. Address gender-specific challenges and advocate for gender equality in various spheres of life.
  5. Create a safe and inclusive space for women to share experiences, challenges, and success stories.

Program Components:

 Monthly forums featuring motivational speakers, industry experts, and successful women leaders who share their experiences, insights, and tips for success. The forums cover a wide range of topics, including career advancement, entrepreneurship, leadership, work-life balance, and mental well-being.

 Interactive workshops focusing on building practical skills, such as communication, negotiation, financial literacy, and personal branding. These workshops offer hands-on learning opportunities for participants to develop their abilities.

 Engaging panel discussions featuring diverse voices, perspectives, and experiences. Panels explore pressing gender equality issues, challenges faced by women in different regions, and strategies for creating positive change.

 Facilitated networking sessions that provide opportunities for participants to connect with like-minded individuals, mentors, and potential collaborators. Mentorship programs are also set up to match experienced professionals with mentees seeking guidance.

 Inspirational storytelling sessions where women share their personal journeys, triumphs, and lessons learned, providing encouragement and relatable examples of resilience.

An online resource hub providing access to relevant articles, toolkits, webinars, and other educational materials related to women’s empowerment and gender equality.

Program Impact:

The EmpowHERment Forum aims to empower women to embrace their potential, shatter societal barriers, and lead with confidence. By fostering a strong network of empowered women, the program seeks to create a ripple effect, inspiring positive change in communities and promoting gender equality across Africa.

Target Audience:

 The EmpowHERment Forum welcomes women of all ages, backgrounds, and professions who are passionate about personal and professional growth, aspiring for leadership roles, and advocating for gender equality.

Program Delivery:

 The EmpowHERment Forum is held monthly in various locations across Africa, combining in-person events with virtual components to maximize reach and inclusivity. The program utilizes both online platforms and physical venues to engage participants from diverse regions.

Through the EmpowHERment Forum, GEAM AFRIKA strives to create a powerful platform where women can share, learn, and support each other, ultimately driving positive change for gender equality in Africa.