To lead the charge on sustainable changes that creates equal opportunities irrespective of gender difference and advocates for gender equality through radical education and enlightenment of the society and campaign against unethical practices that undermine female rights


To create a progressive platform for the discourse on Gender Equality in Africa, stimulating further actions and partnerships to achieve our aim.


The recent struggle to create an ideal society that validates and supports the dreams and aspiration of its members, irrespective of gender differences, needs more stut. Although this movement has come a long way due to the contributions of vibrant men and women through various civil societies and organizations, there is still much work to be done in order to achieve an advanced society that fosters the progress of all. This calls for partnerships and collaborative efforts from various stakeholders and shows the need for the rise of passionate advocates that will commit to the course. GEAM AFRIKA is a platform that has risen to the occasion. With the support of our partners, volunteers, members of the society and other civil organizations, we are making vibrant moves that will cause radical changes and deliver to us the Africa of our dreams. We do this through our awareness and education programs, which aim at eliminating ignorance and challenging barbaric traditions that undermine the female in the society. It is worthy of note that this is one of the SDGs which is vital to provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity of the people in our planet, now and into the future. Working together to put an end to all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere is important in creating the ideal society, continent and planet. We have integrated the goals of Gender Equality outlined in the SDGs into this movement and are dogged towards achieving it. Join us!


We engage with policymakers, government bodies, and regional
organizations to advocate for gender-inclusive laws and policies. We
also conduct research and gather data to provide evidence-based
recommendations for gender-sensitive policies and legislation.

We organize awareness campaigns, workshops, and seminars to
educate communities about gender equality, stereotypes, and
harmful practices. We also develop educational materials and
resources to promote gender equality in schools and educational

We implement empowerment programs that equip women and girls
with skills, knowledge, and resources to pursue education, economic
opportunities, and leadership roles. We also provide training on
entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and vocational skills to enhance
women’s economic independence.

We Establish safe spaces and support centers for survivors of
gender-based violence, offering counseling, legal aid, and
protection. We also advocate for stronger laws and enforcement
mechanisms to combat all forms of violence against women and

We promote and support women’s active participation in politics and
decision-making processes as well as offer training and mentoring
programs for aspiring female leaders to enhance their political

We Engage with local communities to foster gender equality
awareness and encourage dialogue on gender-related issues. We also
build the capacity of community leaders, teachers, and influencers
to advocate for gender equality at the grassroots level.

We have launched several media campaigns to challenge gender
stereotypes, promote positive role models, and celebrate women’s
achievements. We make use of social media and digital platforms to
amplify the message of gender equality and engage a broader

GEAM AFRIKA has Forged partnerships with other NGOs,
governmental bodies, international organizations, and private sector
entities to leverage resources and expertise. The aim is to collaborate
with women’s rights organizations and gender-focused networks to
share best practices and jointly address challenges. We also
collaborate with regional and international bodies working on
gender equality to align efforts, share knowledge, and advocate for
gender-responsive policies and initiatives.

We conduct comprehensive research on gender issues, including
gender pay gaps, access to education, and women’s representation in
various sectors. We make use of this data to inform policy
recommendations and measure the impact of interventions.
By undertaking these initiatives, GEAM AFRIKA can effectively contribute
to creating a more equitable and inclusive Africa where gender equality is
not just an aspiration but a lived reality for all individuals.

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