GEAM AFRIKA is gender equality advocacy movement for Africa. This is a platform or movement that has risen to the challenge with the support of other organizations, individuals and Civil bodies. GEAM AFRIKA has been able to make vibrant moves that will cause radical changes and is fighting so hard in our country Nigeria and other parts of Africa to make sure they deliver to us that societies of our dreams which aim is to eliminate barbaric culture that has really dealt with our societies.

Many of our vibrant youths have risen up with the same belief and understanding to give their own support through many channels to make sure that the good aim of GEAM AFRIKA is being actualized. GEAM AFRIKA has really brought a big change in our country Nigeria and other parts of Africa in the part of gender equality and is still putting more effort to make sure we have a good and decent societies where every gender can be given equal rights and opportunities. GEAM AFRIKA is an NGO that has taken it upon themselves (with the help of trained volunteers) to put an end to all kinds of discrimination against women and girl/child everywhere in Africa.


To create a progressive platform for the discourse on gender equality in Africa, stimulate further actions and partnerships to achieve its aim. To lead the change on sustainable changes that creates equal opportunities irrespective of gender equality through racial education and enlightenment of the society and campaign against unethical practices that undermine female rights.

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