GEAM AFRIKA was founded in the year 2020 by, Nkechi Juliana Enebeli, a women right and gender equality activist. The unanswered questions on women, Gender Discrimination/Disparity, high maternal and children morbidity and mortality, adolescent health and youth participation visa -vi sex education especially the girl child including women and youth empowerment led to the formation of the organization with the name GEAM AFRIKA

GEAM AFRIKA provides cutting-edge, innovative and sustainable approaches to address gender violence, women and youth empowerment and other general problems facing women and the girl child. GEAM AFRIKA does this through effective program management, service delivery, capacity building , research strategic information including advocacy in partnership with other stake holders.

GEAM AFRIKA has the the following as her core values.
1.INTEGRITY: Geem is committed to principles and practice of transparency/openness within and with partners and clients.

2, TEAM WORK: We are committed to harnessing internal and external human resources and expertise for better outcomes.

3, EQUALITY: We are dedicated to providing and achieving the highest standard in what we do.

4, INNOVATIVE: We continue to apply new ideals and seek new ways of doing things to achieve the best in the fast changing world.

5, ADAPTABILITY: Flexibility in responding to change and innovative ideas and changes.

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