Who Is GeamAfrika?

Geam Afrika is an NGO in Nigeria that is providing a progressive and sustainable platform for addressing the problems of gender inequality, gender based violence and other gender related issues. Geam Afrika has risen as a voice for women and it is saying NO! to the discriminations and injustices against women and girls in the society. With the collective efforts of it’s partners, volunteers and members of the society, it is advocating the need for change in Africa and for an ideal society. It’s goals include raising awareness about gender based violence and inequality, enlightening women on their rights and the laws guiding them, creating equal opportunities for women, eliminating unethical practices that undermine female rights, ensuring that every girl child has access to quality education and empowering women. It’s set goals are in sync with the SDG’s and these goals capture the essence of development in any nation.

                                                         What Does GeamAfrika Do?

As an organization, it is not only addressing gender based issues, but tackling them head-on by creating awareness through targeted social media and street campaigns in both rural and suburb areas where crimes against women are mostly committed. It has partnered with educational agencies and technical hubs to provide relevant e-learning programs, online certified courses and skills acquisition trainings all as part of it’s strategy for empowering women. To show support in action to it’s cause, Geam Afrika has executed and still has plans in motion to execute a number of significant projects in a bid to contribute to community development. Of worthy note is the #She Can Too movement which is aimed at inspiring, training, mentoring and providing young girls with resources needed to pursue their dreams in any desired field, especially in STEM fields that has seen little or no female involvement over the years,  due to fear and so-called societal beliefs. Another project it is currently working on is the GeamAfrika Community Relief Project which is targeted at providing rural communities in Nigeria with relief materials and palliatives especially in this period of the Covid19 pandemic.

               Geam Afrika also runs a series of educative and impactful programs yearly such as the Annual Geam Afrika Cohorts Conference (AGAC) where new plans and actions for each year are unveiled and new channels are sought to further the sustainability of it’s goals. The conference is also used as an avenue to honour Geam Afrika’s partners and donors who are highly invaluable to it’s goals and mission. Other programs include the Bi Annual Cohort on Child Labour which seeks to bring an end to child labour in Africa, the Bi Annual Womanpreneur Conference (BAW) which seeks to celebrate and contribute to the notable impacts women are making in business, politics and technology. Geam Afrika also has a blog that is run by it’s team of efficient and versatile bloggers. The blog is regularly updated with credible news on it’s activities and progress as well as happenings around the world with respects to gender equality.

                 GeamAfrika believes that when humanity unitedly stand in the fight against gender based violence and inequality, an ideal society can be achieved. And so it calls for all hands to be on deck in order to fasten the results of our collective and collaborative effort through volunteering, donations, sponsorships and partnerships in support of it’s cause.