GEAM AFRIKA is a Non- Governmental organization (NGO). It is a movement for gender equality in Africa, an advocacy for a better society to shun gender disparity in education, politics, business etc.

It advocates that women ought to be given the right to humanity in Africa, and that women inclusion is the key to an ideal Africa.

The founder of gender Equality Advocacy movement for Africa (GEAM AFRIKA) is NKECHI JULIANA ENEBELI, a passionate lady who is Dedicated to promoting gender Equality in communities  and also Empowering women and initiating several projects aimed at equipping women in rural areas. She is Boldly vocal against gender based violence,(GBV). What are the example of gender based violence? They include Rape, sexual assaults, physical assaults, forced OR early marriage, child labour, denial of resources opportunities or services. GEAM AFRIKA stands against gender based violence(GBV) to women and advocate that women have a vital role to play in the development of our society.

What GEAM Africa Does to fight against gender based violence in Africa includes:

  • Enlightenment campaigns: GEAM AFRIKA enlightens women on the ideal position in the society concerning equality and law regulations the supports women.
  • E-learning: GEAM AFRKA Employment strategy, organizes periodic E-learning aimed at employing young ladies.
  • Women empowerment, GEAM AFRIKA programs are targeted at equipping women in rural areas with relevant tools, skills and possible funding opportunities for entrepreneurship.

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