GEAM AFRIKA is a start up Non-Governmental Organization created in 2020 and targeted towards gender equality in Africa. The fast rising organization was created by Nkechi Juliana Enebeli, a women and girl child advocate who recognized the need for an organization that would shun gender disparity in all spheres and ensure the inclusiveness of women in all aspects of the society. The mission of the organization is simply to lead the charge on sustainable changes that creates equal opportunities irrespective of gender difference and advocates for gender equality through radical education and enlightenment of the society and campaign against unethical practices that undermine female rights.

To this end, the organization has carried out campaigns and sensitization programs targeted towards Gender Equality and what it entails. Through its massive pool of volunteers, the organization has gained a considerable number of audiences on different social media platforms ranging from Facebook to LinkedIn.

Although Geam Afrika is a new organization, its mission is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4, which aims to achieve gender equality. With Geam Afrika now playing a considerable role in achieving this aim, more efforts are being made to ensure its success. Geam Afrika’s pool of volunteers has taken on the responsibility of moving the organization to another level. In August 2020, the Organization carried out an online Biannual Womanprenuer (BAW) Conference themed The Role of Women Empowerment in Achieving Gender Equality. The conference had over 200 views and it set a record for the organization as that was its first ever event since its creation. In September 2020, the organization carried out a second program, an online sensitization campaign on Gender Based Violence, through which they educated a good number of people on the issue of GBV and it’s different forms. The campaign had over 700 views and gained massive support from its viewers.

However, the organization does not just stop at educating the public about the need for Gender Equality. In July 2020, members of the organization visited Kabusa and Galadimawa communities in Abuja and provided individuals with protective face masks and hand sanitizers, along with washing spots. This was done to reduce or curb the spread of the COVID 19 virus as well as ensuring the safety of Nigerians.

Through the use of the letter “K” in Afrika, the organization hopes to retain black consciousness since it is an indigenous black women organization. Geam Afrika might be start up organization, but in a span of a few months, it has proven to be an organization with purpose, reaching out to Africa and spreading its vision which is to create a progressive platform for the discourse on Gender Equality in Africa, stimulating further actions and partnerships to achieve its aim.

Understanding that one of the ways of ensuring Gender Equality is by advocating for the education of the girl child, Geam Afrika has taken up an initiative called, Fund Our Education Dream, a program which seeks to mobilize funds that would be targeted towards sending girls to school through scholarships, grants and provisions of school materials to  the less privileged. Towards this aim, the organization seeks out individuals or organizations what would partner with them or donate funds to ensure that this initiative reaches the highest peak.

While the organization is promoted by its volunteers, they in turn are promoted by the organization through the different tasks that they carry out as well as courses which the organization sets out for them to carry out, thereby broadening their knowledge on Gender Equality and its tenets.

In a nutshell, Geam Afrika is breath of fresh air, a new set of eyes, into the problems surrounding Gender Equality in Afrika and ways they can be solved.

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