The inequality in the world today especially as it affects gender where women have been at the receiving end has led to the need for concerted efforts to be made towards creating a gender conscious and equal free world for all. For some, the desire to make a difference starts and ends on the altar of mere talks with no actions, but for others, actions speak louder than voice. This is why young men and women saddled with the vision and responsibility of making a change and removing the barriers created for women in a gender-unequal-world have come together under collaborative efforts and leadership to pursue a world devoid of gender inequality and gender based violence. GEAM Afrika is one of the NGOs at the forefront fighting for gender advocacy. GEAM Afrika stands for Gender Equality Advocacy Movement for Afrika. Its core aim is the struggle for gender equality in Africa. Hell! If Europe, Asia, America and the wider world can have organisations that speak for the equality of genders, why shouldn’t Africa, where gender violations are tied to cultural norms, not have her own watch dog that checkmates practices that bring about an imbalance in gender relations. This is why GEAM Afrika has risen to the occasion by working with their partners, volunteers and other civil society organizations to rid Africa of practices that engenders inequality against the genders. To achieve their core objective of gender advocacy in Africa, the organization provides services in three major areas:

Enlightenment Campaigns

The aim is to enlighten women in suburbs and rural communities on the ideal position of the society concerning equality and law and regulations that support them. The focus on these areas is because they are the major centers for crimes against women due to ignorance.

GEAM Afrika, as part of her women empowerment strategy, organizes periodic e-learning programs which are targeted at young ladies in the society. The organization partners with education agencies and technical hubs to provide training, skill acquisitions and certified courses online. This stems from the belief that education and skill acquisitions are veritable tools for empowerment and wealth creation.

Women Empowerment

There is no point claiming to fight for gender advocacy without actually empowering the women to be pace setters in business and the economy. This is why this third focus of the organization is targeted at equipping women in urban areas with relevant tools, skills and possible funding opportunities for their businesses. This aims at giving new startups to businesses, mentoring and monitoring growth.

One thing is certain that no organization functions without funds, hence GEAM Africa continues to seek support in grants and aids from well-meaning individuals, groups, governments and the international bodies to help achieve the noble cause it has set out to achieve. It is. therefore, imperative that they be given such financial assistance.

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