Humans are characterized by their complexities and diverging perception. Thus the quest to create an ideal society tends to be the order of the day. The reality of things leaves one with little or no hope of achieving the very desired ideal society as today’s world like centuries ago is faced with stereotypes between gender and the influence of patriarchy in the society has subjected the female gender to a much relegated position.

In light of the above, GEAM AFRIKA has emerged with the vision to creating a progressive platform for discourse on gender equality in Africa thus changing the narratives by stimulating further actions and partnerships. However the role of other civil society, organizations cannot be over emphasized. GEAM AFRIKA is charged to lead sustainable changes with the aim to to create equal opportunities that is encompassing for all genders through advocacy, challenging barbaric traditions, radical education and enlighten of the society and campaign against unethical practices that hampers with female rights. All these are being achieved by enlightenment campaigns, e-learning, woman empowerment with support from partners, volunteers and members of the society. Some notable projects executed by GEAM AFRIKA are street campaigns for girl child education in Africa, women in leadership forum, women in business forum, GEAM AFRIKA community relief projects amongst many others.

In addition to the projects are programs designed to stimulate the achievements of the organizations objectives and these are ; GEAM AFRIKA cohost conference, biannual cohost on child labour, end child labour campaign, bi annual womanpreneur conference, opportunity hub for woman and operational fund and educating dream. 

Task at GEAM AFRIKA are being decentralized for experts execution on the basis of team ship and this is well reflected in the organizations. The organizational structure which place members of the board at the apex of authority, playing an advisory role followed by the team lead/executive director who stands tall as the operational figures and then 5 committees which are saddled with the responsibilities of running the various organs of operations in the organization. I.e. programs, fund raising, media/publicity, budget/finance and recruitment/personnel.

In conclusion, GEAM AFRIKA has mastered the art of utilizing all available resources in achieving it set goals and actualizing its vision. These is a tremendous breakthrough for humanity as women and girls will not only be seen as objects but as humans too, Thus fostering development, peace, unity that will chart the way forward towards a better Africa.


Adama Favour Ojonugwa


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