The rising trend of domestic and gender based violence particularly to the female folks in thesouthern part of the country in the past decade is indeed worrisome. Reports has categorically shown that 28% of Nigerian women aged 25 – 29,particularly in the southern states, has experienced various forms,which includes physical, emotional, marital, societal and sexual violence since age 15 [1]. It proves to the level of gender-degrading stance against females in the country, categorically in the southern part.

A recent report of a woman molested by Law enforcement agents in Ekiti State, South-West Nigeria was aired. The woman, a nursing mother was returning from the market when she meet Law enforcement officers at checkpoint, they asked for”settlement”, which she resulted not having. The officers therefore proceed to molest her physically [2]. This is one among countless reports of physical molestation from Law enforcement agents. Gender-based violence has also been in the increase in marital life. There have been several accounts of marital rape, emotional assaults from their spouse and physical abuse, especially from jobless husbands. A more recent research, has arguably shown that 30% of Women and Girls aged 15 – 49, have experienced Sexual Abuse at least once [3]

The COVID-19 pandemic as well prompted a negative surge in domestic violence in the last quarters. From March to April this year, Lagos alone has 180 reported cases of Domestic violence and 60 reported cases in Benue State. The Nigerian Federal Legislative arm of government has taken tremendous strides however, in enacting the Violence Against Persons Act 2015 , through unfortunately 10 states, excluding the FCT has domesticated  this Act into Law. We urge and encourage for a domestication of this Act, for it shall in a long way stand to protect individuals and gender likes against violence and subjugation.


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