The increasing allegation of rape in tertiary institutions Nigeria is one worrisome trend, especially when we consider the fact that the authorities have paid little attention to the trend and have dispensed minimal efforts in addressing it. It is even more heartrending that a few students who have dared to raise an alarm or report these cases of rape and sexual assaults have been victimized, mocked and in some cases punished for doing so.

For this reason, GEAM AFRIKA together with her partners has embarked on an investigation to expose the perpetrators of this act in Nigerian Tertiary institutions. We urge victims of sexual assault and rape in Nigerian Campuses to come forward and tell their stories so we can pursue justice and dissuade further acts by their predators.

Our Investigation seeks to also answer the following questions: How are cases of sexual harassment that happen to female undergraduate outside the campus territories handled? Who bears the responsibilities for their safeties? What roles do/should schools play in communicating strong message to affiliated bodies/communities/individuals that the safety and preservation of body integrity of female students are part issues of interest to the school?

Have you been a victim or do you have answers to any of the above questions? Then we encourage you to talk to a GEAM AFRIKA representative. ANONYMITY IS GUARANTEED.

To speak to our investigative journalist, call 08168876575 or +234 812 148 6088 or you can send a mail to [email protected]

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