Hello Distinguished Team Members

I am very pleased to join you for the first ever team Orientation. I would like to congratulate all team members for joining this movement.

Gender equality is a fundamental human right. It is also a necessary foundation for a prosperous, peaceful and ideal society. Despite this fact, women and girls around the world do not fully experience equal rights. This has made the potentials of these women and girls as economic, social and sustainable development change agents remain untapped.

Women are underrepresented in power and decision making roles. They receive unequal pay for equal work and they continue to be targets of physical and social abuses. In African societies and even in Nigeria, women are still neglected and relegated to the background and are seen as lesser beings. It still is surprising that a lot of people negatively attack gender equality topics. During one of our street campaign in a neighborhood, I remember one fellow vehemently insisting that he had the right to beat up his wife because he paid her bride price. We cannot exhaust talking about the cases of sexual assaults in our societies, especially in rural areas. The statistics continue to increase drastically even when some of these Gender based violence are not reported for fear of stigmatization.

I have also witnessed firsthand, many ills meted on women during my service in the banking sector. That birthed the passion in me to join in the fight for gender equality in Africa and this brought the vision for Gender equality advocacy movement for Africa (GEAM AFRIKA). It is worthy of note that gender equality is one of the SDGs which is key to achieving the ideal society. The focus of GEAM AFRIKA is fourfold namely:

  1. Women Empowerment
  2. Stand against Gender Based Violence (GBV)
  3. Stand against Child Labor
  4. Girl Child Education
    These have been incorporated into our projects and programs which will be shared to you in the course of the orientation.

The need to significantly accelerate action if we want to see gender equality achieved within this generation cannot be overemphasized. We continue to count on the support, partnership and continued engagement of the team members, volunteers and partners to enable us to be stronger and better positioned to achieve our aim.

This Orientation will be rich and interesting, signaling a prosperous movement for us. We look forward to having you all participate in full

Welcome and thank you.

Nkechi Juliana Enebeli