Women constitute about half of the total Africa’s population and  are regarded as the better half of the society. Many women have however been confined to household duties by many cultures and traditions. These cultures and traditions have limited the abilities and potentials of these women and the new age has seen women defy custom to participate and excel in all manner of activities in the society, showing the vital role they play in societal progress.

Some have become womanpreneurs (Women entrepreneurs) and are consistently breaking barriers in the business world. A woman entrepreneur is a person who initiates a business, gather all resources, undertake risk, face challenges, provide employment to others and manage the business independently. Women are now starting to plunge into industries also and are running their enterprises successfully.

Businesses owned by women have previously been seen to focus on food, fashion and other service focused sectors. Recently, women entrepreneurs have now moved rapidly into other industrial fields previously considered to be male dominated. Women have the skills, technical know how, potentials and resilience to run a business successfully. These potentials which have been hidden before now are now being brought into enterprises by women which in turn is contributing to the economic growth of many countries. Women can initiate, plan, organize and run their enterprises successfully and efficiently.

 This is why GEAM AFRIKA women in business forum seek to rally round these female amazons who have chosen to excel despite the odds. As a forum, we provide women with access to analytic insights, trends, emerging opportunities and platforms to aid them excel in their endeavors. We also provide mentorship programs and opportunities for aspiring African womanprenuers. The climate is more conducive today and the time is right to support more women in business. Join the GEAM AFRIKA women in Business forum today!

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