“I wanted to be an engineer as a young girl. I remember receiving negative reaction when I  discussed this with a few family and friends. The idea was that engineering was a guy’s job and not for women. When I saw that reaction, I gave up the idea totally. I was not among the lucky few women who had propellers in their lives, person that believed in their dreams. Many years later, I see engineers and admire their work. I still have a heart for it and I believe if I was encouraged back then, I would have been a great engineer today. This is why I stand with the #SheCanToo movement, to inspire young girls everywhere that they can become whatever they want to be. Their gender is not a limitation but a strength”

– Nkechi Juliana Enebeli


Women are easily marginalized when it comes to certain roles which have been regarded as “for men”. We have heard degrading statements that relegate women to household duties, childbearing and petty work rather than inspiring them to their true potentials. We have also seen cultures and traditions that prohibit women from participating in anything outside the designated household roles. This is not right! The world has evolved and Africa must evolve too. Women can be leaders, CEOs, engineers, doctors and so much more, and they can do this just as good as men can in these roles. We must inspire our young girls to greatness and to achieving their dreams.

GEAM AFRIKA #SheCanToo Movement is targeted at young schoolgirls who aspire to roles where women are being discriminated against. We provide them with mentoring programs, resources and opportunities to achieve their dreams. We believe that our progress as a continent lies heavily on our ability to eliminate gender schism and encourage all inclusive participation of both men and women in every sector. This way, we will utilise to the optimum our potential as a continent.

GEAM AFRIKA …advocating for the ideal society.

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