Girl child education is not a privilege but a right. A girl child is an important part of the society and not just part of statistics. She deserves a future. 

Female discrimination is seen all over the world. There are less chances of placing value on a girls education and more chances of being forced into early marriage, facing violence or being stolen by traffickers. If these becomes the case, she will loose her childhood and her life and future will be placed at risk.

For any girl, education changes everything. A girl who is educated is more likely to grow up healthy, safe and empowered to determine the course of her life and future. Such a girl can decide when she’s ready to marry and have children. She will also be more willing to send her children to school and even live a more fulfilled and long life.

GEAM AFRIKA understands the importance of education for girl children. For that reason, we do all we can to ensure every girl child has everything it takes to be educated, safe and healthy.

We also have the “Fund a Girl Child Education dream” initiative which is targeted at raising funds for girls who are being hindered by lack of finance. With this initiative, we can see that those girls whose education dreams are being threatened by any circumstance can have a chance at a good education and to pursue their dreams.

Our campaigns are targeted at rural areas in African communities where we have more of these out of school girls who are desperately seeking to be educated. We enlighten parents and guardians in these localities of the importance of education to the children, family, nation and continent. We also introduce them to our initiatives that assist them when they chose the right path of education for girl children.

 GEAM AFRIKA remains committed to the education of the girl child in African societies. With the aid of our sponsors and volunteers, we will keep carrying out these strategic campaigns and creating awareness on the importance of education to our continent.

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