Girls are easily marginalized when it comes to education in African societies. Many cultures hold that female education is not as important as the education of their male counterparts because the girls would often be married off to another family and have no benefits to their own family when educated. So when resources are limited and they have to chose between educating a boy or a girl, there is no much contemplation to be made: boy education is far more beneficial. Even when resources are available, girl child education is often viewed as a waste of resources. This kind of worldview has hindered many willing girls from going to school. This is not right.

Girls are not a part of the statistics and neither should they be reduced to objects or confined to household and childbearing. This view erodes Africa’s prospect for a great future by leaving a crucial part of her workforce handicapped. We know the importance of education to societal development and cannot afford to lose out on the glorious Africa because of marginalization. All inclusive education is key and should be proclaimed with all seriousness.

As part of GEAM AFRIKA initiative to ensure all inclusive education, we have embarked on the “Fund a girl child education” campaign. This campaign seeks to provide financial aids for girls who are willing to go to school but have been stopped by lack of finances. We believe money should not be a determinant of the future of these brilliant girls. Together with our partners and donors, we target the funding of the education of 500 girls yearly. This way, we can inspire our African girls to greatness.

We call on well meaning individuals and organisations to support these young Amazons as African’s future depends on it. We will chose particular communities and individual girls who are in need of these support from time to time for the public to express their goodwill through aids rendered to them. This way, we can support Africa’s quest for a bright future. Join us – fund a girl child education today!

Join the move!