The world as we know it has been changed rapidly by the COVID-19 pandemic, its rampaging effect felt by every society, sector and individual. We know that life would never remain the same and we must come up with ways to adapt to the new world order and the uncertain changes it brings. We do know that for many years, we would keep reminiscing these times and how we reacted to it.

If we are to emerge as a better society after the post-pandemic era, we need the collective effort of all. We have to carry each other’s burden, the strong supporting the weak. This way, we can better adapt to the changing times while restructuring our societal system to soothe these changes.

Families and businesses in rural communities would be most affected by the post pandemic era, considering their low standards of living prior to the pandemic. It’s scary to even think of how some of the families in these communities,who could barely afford two square meals a day, are surviving now. This is why we need now more than ever the support of well-meaning individuals and organisations to reach out to these families with palliatives, aids and projects that would be beneficial to the individuals and communities at large.

GEAM AFRIKA community relief projects are targeted at rural communities in Nigeria. With the aid of our volunteers, we have been able to identify specific needs in various communities and we have come up with strategies, budgets and plans on how to meet these needs. We aim at reaching out to 1,000 individuals in 50 communities across Nigeria with the following:

            Food and relief material distributions

            Women empowerment

            Medical outreaches

            Water (Borehole) Projects

            Rural Electrification projects

            Grants for retail businesses

            And many more

We have budgeted 30,000,000 naira (thirty million naira) for this project. For a breakdown of the project and a copy of the detailed budget, contact GEAM AFRIKA with the details below. Our humanity can conquer anything, including the post pandemic era. With the aid of kind donors, we can help impoverished Nigerian communities to overcome these trying times.

For details on how you can support, visit our support Page or contact us via the links below

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