Historically, women have always been at the sidelines in the journey for a progressive Africa. They have been usually relegated to background roles where they watch and make minimal input, even when they have ideas and passionate drives that could accelerate the progress of the continent. This kind of societal structure could have damaging effect, as it not only slows down our progress but also kills the synergy that is needed to ensure the promotion of our continental dreams and aspirations.

The stories of the few notable women who were given the opportunity to serve and how they drove change and progress in various sector is proof that we need to allow and encourage more women to participate and even champion these industries. Women like Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, who provided economic policies that has revolutionized Africa’s financial system and Folorunsho Alakija, who has shown that the business world is not a mans world, are proof that the woman is no inferior specie of the human race. From politics to literature to business and the organized sector, we have witnessed the immense contributions of African Women and we know that if given the opportunity, they would do so much more.

At the heart of our movement is the drive to inspire, empower and educate women on their relevance to the modern day society. We believe that the progress we seek as a continent needs the input of our indomitable and passionate women, who would not only be part of the move to transform Africa but would also provide innovative solutions for the various challenges that have confronted this great continent.

This is why on the fifth and final day of our June Match Street Enlightenment Campaign, we sensitized women in rural areas about their innate capabilities and how they can participate as leaders of their industries. We believe that the motivated and enlightened woman can passionately make her contributions that could revolutionize any sector as we know it. GEAM AFRIKA seeks the support of the public to be able to reach more women with this project and support their aspirations to be continental game changers.

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